Finally! A Done-For-You Nutrition Profit Center That Makes Eating Healthy Simple For Your Clients!

Establish Yourself as the ‘Go-To’ Nutrition Expert for your clients and in your community!


Fellow Fitness Professionals,

Did you know that in a recent study done by the International Food and Information Council Foundation 52% of consumers said that figuring out how to eat a healthy diet is more difficult than completing a tax return?

Think about that for a second…

Consumers are more confused than ever about what it takes to get the results they want!

How much conflicting information do you see out there?

Paleo, low carb, low fat, vegan, IF, Ornish, the Zone…..

The list of diets and gimmicky plans go on and on, and unfortunately your clients are getting bombarded with all of this information whether it be on social media or in their favorite fitness magazine.

Even their friends are persuading them to try out the latest and greatest diet that has helped them lose "XX lbs in XX days."

If you had the time to distill down the latest scientifically driven information for your clients don’t you think they’d want to hear it?

OF COURSE! They would love it.

The problem is that you are busy – training clients, running sessions, managing employees and dealing with the day to day rigors of running a business.

The idea of sitting down, coming up with nutrition topics, reading research papers, synthesizing that information, and putting it all into a presentation or report to give your clients probably sounds a little daunting and is not your idea of the most fun way to spend your little bit of free time.

We have an answer…


Introducing Naked Nutrition Seminars

Roussell07-croppedWe’ve partnered with Dr. Mike Roussell, one of the fitness industry’s leading nutrition authorities, to provide you with 6 ready to use Naked Nutrition Seminars.

Dr. Mike holds a PhD in Nutrition from Penn State University. He is a nationally renown nutrition expert in the areas of weight loss, sports performance and health.

Dr. Mike serves as an advisor and columnist, and featured expert for major health media outlets. His nutrition consulting is also sought out from a range of clients from pro athletes to weekend warriors to pharmaceutical and food companies.

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Dr. Mike has taken is passion for research and put together 6 done-for-you Naked Nutrition Seminars to make delivering high quality, trustworthy nutrition info to your clients and positioning YOU as the nutrition expert.

These 6 Naked Nutrition Seminars were designed to be used as a one off nutrition education system for your current clients but also can be delivered as an ongoing series to promote consistency and long term success with your clients.

Not to mention that you can open up your seminars to prospective clients and wow them with your expertise and knowledge when it comes to one of the most confusing topics in the fitness industry -

In your Naked Nutrition Seminars you will get:

  • 6 20-25 minute presentations you can deliver to your clients
  • Presenter slides and notes to make presenting easy
  • A pre-recorded version of each seminar to make it easy to learn how deliver each presentation with ease
  • Attendee notes and handouts to give out to everyone that attends
  • A template flier for each seminar that you can customize to advertise your seminars


Naked Nutrition Seminar Topics Include:

  • The Hierarchy of Carbohydrates
  • Holiday Weight Loss
  • Protein- Myths, Requirements and Optimal Intakes
  • Quick Simple, healthy Cooking- The Breakfast Edition
  • Smart Start to Healthy Eating
  • Troubleshooting Weight Loss

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*The Naked Nutrition Seminars are a digital product that will be accessible immediately after purchase

Dr. Mike created the Naked Nutrition Seminars to make it easy for fitness pros, like yourself, to deliver high quality, trustworthy nutrition information to their clients.

Oh, AND to help you make more money!

We know that clients that get results stay with you longer and are more likely to refer friends.  When your clients attend these seminars and put the info to use they will get GREAT results!

You can use these seminars to attract new leads, educate your current clients and increase the lifetime value of each of your current clients.

Get Your Naked Nutrition Seminars For Just $149.95

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*The Naked Nutrition Seminars are a digital product that will be accessible immediately after purchase

I Guarantee You'll Love Them

By the way, I'm so confident you'll be impressed with the quality of these seminars I'm more than happy to provide you with a 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

If you purchase these seminars and don't agree that your clients are learning what good nutrition really is and putting what they learn into action we will give you a FULL REFUND!

We are confident that these seminars will help your clients get better results and that you will be thrilled with the response you get. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase in the next 365 days we will be happy to give you every penny that you invested in them back—no questions asked!

Today Only $149.95

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*The Naked Nutrition Seminars are a digital product that will be accessible immediately after purchase

Get Over $4500 Worth of Content and Resources for Pennies on the Dollar!

The Naked Nutrition Seminars originated because Dr. Mike wanted to create program that would be plug and play profit centers for gym, studio and boot camp owners. These seminars take between 20-25 hours to research, design and produce. Dr. Mike charges $225 per hour for consulting.

The price tag for this incredible nutrition program is only 3% of the cost to have Dr. Mike put these together for you. If you get just one new client, one extra client renewal or a handful of members to sign up for a paid seminar this product will pay for itself and the rest is profit for you to keep!

Time is money right? Let’s say you wanted to design a comparable series of seminars and spent just 10 hours putting everything together (half the time Dr. Mike spends)…I am guessing that your time is worth more than $14.95/hour, right?


We wanted to make this a no-brainer for you. So, if you think your time is worth more than $14.95 per hour and that you could get one new client, one referral, one renewal or a small number of your current clients to pay for these seminars then this is a no-brainer for you.

Today Only $149.95

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*The Naked Nutrition Seminars are a digital product that will be accessible immediately after purchase

Make today your best!

Ryan Ketchum

P.S. - Compiling all the nutrition research and putting together quality seminars is tough AND time consuming. Let Dr. Mike do the hard work for you and start using the Naked Nutrition Seminars to get your clients better results immediately.

P.P.S. - You WILL be impressed by these seminars; I GUARANTEE IT! Remember, if you’re not totally satisfied you can request a full refund – no questions asked!

Today Only $149.95

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*The Naked Nutrition Seminars are a digital product that will be accessible immediately after purchase